Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great book: Chronicles of Dinosauria Woetzel & Dobbs

Chronicles of Dinosauria

Chronicles of Dinosauria by Dave Woetzel and Richard Dobbs
  It was wonderful to read through this book knowing I could trust the information as Biblically-sound. This is yet another book published by MasterBooks that my family and I love and learn from. 
I know parents are always looking for interesting and 'cool' books to present to their young children. However, so many books on dinosaurs are just filled with evolution! It's pretty crummy handing your 9-year old a book on amazing dinos with the warning that half the book is wrong! In wonderful contrast, Chronicles of Dinosauria has a Biblically-based sound view of these great beasts of the past (and perhaps not-so-recent past too!) and provides believable illustrations and descriptions of these creatures. 

   I originally got this book in the hopes that it would make a great gift for my younger siblings, specifically my brothers. I only had to read one chapter however, before I was totally intrigued in this unusual book! With colorful illustrations and attention-grabbing text, it is almost impossible to get bored looking at this book! The facts are also complimented by many photographs. This book is a fantastic one for any science/Creation enthusiast of any age! Of course it would make the perfect gift for your son, but I can definitely vouch that girls will love it as well! And adults. I speak from experience.

More about the book....
Every legend is said to include some grain of truth, and for years co-author Dave Woetzel has sought to separate fact from fiction as he explores mysteries related to dinosaurs, mankind's history, and the biblical time-line. Teaming with artist and designer Richard Dobbs, the two have created a visual archive of expeditions and intriguing clues to explore, all of which highlight the connection to the authority and reliability of Scripture. 

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my review!