Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Robertson Family Christmas book review

A Robertson Family ChristmasA Robertson Family Christmas
by Kay Robertson (Author), Travis Thrasher (Contributor)

When I requested this book, it was mostly out of curiosity. I had heard much about the famous Robertson family and was rather intrigued by their unusual personalities. I had also heard much about their stand for Christian faith, and admired them for that. 
I requested this book in the hopes of learning a bit more about the Roberstons and their Duck Dynasty! 
  I thought the way Miss Kay Robertson went about writing this look into a Christmas with the Robertson clan unique and humble. I'm sure the Robertsons received a lot of pressure from enthusiastic fans to write about their family life and traditions. Instead of just telling it as a member of the family, Miss Kay took the perspective of a troubled teen, making this short work of fiction a very uplifting and interesting book. The reader not only takes away with him or her a better understanding of a ''Robertson Family Christmas'', but is also touched because of the relatable story featured, the story of one typical young man coming from a torn-apart family who gets to experience first-hand what the love and joy of a Christian family looks and feels like!
Follow along as Hunter Clarke gets nominated against his will to join the Robertson family for the Christmas week! Will their love and Christian values finally break through Hunter's recalcitrant heart? Will he wake up out of his soul stupor or will he continue blaming those around him for his less than joyful family situation? 
Read this little book to find out! And be blessed as you glimpse a little of the joy the Robertson family shares on Christmas. 
As for me, you'll never guess what I did as soon as I completed the book! I visited, for the first time, the Robertson family's website.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.