Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Good Food Day by Marco Canora with Tammy Walker cookbook review

A Good Food Day by  Marco Canora with Tammy Walker, with a Foreword by Tim Ferriss 

This is another healthy cookbook to inspire both healthy eaters as well as those who are just starting on the journey to ultimate health and vitality!
Written by a man who suffered from junk food and an all-round unhealthy lifestyle, it presents healthy living in a fresh new way. The photographs are appealing and full of colour. This hardback book, as with all of Clarkson Potter publisher's cookbooks, is not only useful in the kitchen but also a beautiful coffee table book! I especially loved the macro shots of spices, nuts or herbs. 
As for the recipes, I was excited to critique them. I am an avid and experienced cook. Not only that, I have been rigidly healthy for the past few years so I love to review not only cookbooks, but healthy ones particularly. The recipes in this cookbook are quite basic. Although experienced cooks will enjoy this book, I would recommend it for beginners. The ingredients included in even the entrees are basic and remind me of the recipes I create on a busy day when I don't have time to look at a cookbook. 
The flavours incorporate classic Italian and American, and are sure to please most people! 
The author seems to have a good appreciation for healthy fats and cultured foods. Therefore you can rest assured that most of the recipes are indeed healthy. The only thing that caught my attention which I wouldn't consume was the whole wheat pasta the author uses. You can't blame him-after all, he is Italian!
As for the desserts in this book, there are hardly any recipes in that section but those included use maple syrup, honey or coconut palm sugar. As with other recipes, the dessert recipes are simple and easy to prepare. They include berry crumble, granola, hazelnut brownies, blueberry pie and more. 

About the cookbook

After years of mindless eating habits that led to weight gain and a slew of health issues, I knew I had to make some changes. But no way in hell was I giving up flavor for health. Instead of dieting or depriving myself, I created simple, whole foods-based recipes fit for a food lover’s palate.
In A Good Food Day, I team up with certified health coach Tammy Walker to explain the powers of good-for-you ingredients (such as low-GI carbohydrates, bone broths, and alkaline-forming greens), and I build these into 125 recipes that are all about satisfaction. Dishes like Amaranth “Polenta” with Tuscan Kale, Black Rice Seafood Risotto, Citrus-Spiked Hazelnut and Rosemary Granola, Chickpea Crepe Sandwiches, and Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries will show that with a healthy diet, there is still joy in eating.
If you love food and want to clean up your diet with a collection of super delicious, satisfying recipes that actually inspire you to want healthy foods in every meal, then A Good Food Day is for you.