Monday, August 10, 2015

Book review; Heartbreak Trail by Susan K Marlow

Heartbreak Trail    
An Andrea Carter Book
By Susan K. Marlow

   It was through book reviewing for Kregel publications that I first discovered author Susan Marlow. Ever since reading my first book of hers I have been pleased by her wholesome books, not to mention her above-the-average writing skill. To me, Susan has an honorable view of literary and holds to a standard which most authors (yes I am including Christian novelists) don't keep in mind at all anymore. The books I have thus read by Susan Marlow remind me of the historical fiction books I practically devoured as a child and teen! It is good to see new books coming out that I can feel right about giving to my younger siblings to read! 

   Heartbreak Trail is yet another book in the Andrea Carter series and it features a now growing up Andrea! At fifteen, the lively and tomboyish girl experiences many more adventures and learns from her own mistakes. Having just turned the age which made her close friend begin thinking of getting married and settling down, Andrea is determined to continue her adventurous ways and begs to be allowed to join her brothers and their workers on a special herding trip. While on the trip, Andrea stays true to her usual liveliness and outdoor skill but suddenly becomes attracted to a young hired worker. The reader can't help but wonder what will come of that! 
As always, the author of these books skillfully weaves an exciting tale while keeping good morals and a Christian foundation. 
Your children and teens are bound to love this book!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Thanks!