Monday, September 21, 2015

World War II memoir 'Til We Meet Again by Ray and Betty Whipps

Til We Meet Again: A Memoir of Love and War
    Recently, I have been reading book after book about World War two; biographies, autobiographies...I love all types of works concerning this portion of history! I must say I especially love autobiographies because they have a quality and depth which cannot be met by mere biographers, no matter how talented they may be as writers. Having read autobiographies from a variety of world war two survivors both Christians and atheists I emphasize that the ones from Christians have an amazing aspect which cannot be attempted by the non-believing survivors! Truly, Christian veterans and survivors know to Whom belongs the glory and praise! Til we Meet Again is an absolutely wonderful autobiography by Ray Whipps. I loved how Ray kept the all-important and sustaining aspect of his faith steady through the entire memoir. After reading several books which contained more-than-necessary descriptions of crude language, jokes, etc. during the war it was refreshing to find that 'Til We Meet again is appropriate for many different ages. This book can and indeed ought to be given to readers as young as 10 to read! True, there are some emotionally difficult parts because after all, this is war. But if you deem your child old enough to read of bloodshed and violence of a certain sort, than they will profit much from reading this book.
  Not to overlook the romantic story contained within the pages of this autobiography, I thought Ray and Betty's tale to be a remarkable and beautiful witness of God's mercy and faithfulness in His children's lives! It was such a sweet and wholesome romance. I am ever grateful for accounts such as these and am thankful that Christian veterans such as Ray Whipps took the time to reveal the trials and triumphs of life during World War II!
Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

More about the book...
   Ray and Betty Whipps both served in Europe during WWII: Ray as an infantryman under General Patton in the trenches of Normandy, Paris, and Belgium, and Betty as a field nurse in Cherbourg, France. The two met when Betty tended to Ray after he was injured in a mortar blast. Both strong Christians, the two bonded over their shared faith, and as Betty nursed Ray back to health, they fell in love and vowed to marry after the war. However, soon after Ray returned to his unit, he was captured by German forces and held captive in Stalag VII, Germany’s largest prisoner of war camp. It was there that Ray’s faith was put to the ultimate test as he endured the most horrific weeks of his life—weeks marked by brutality, malnutrition, back-breaking labor, and near-constant death. The only thing that kept him alive was the dream of someday reuniting with Betty.

Told in first person from Ray’s perspective, with personal wartime letters from Betty interspersed throughout, ’Til We Meet Again is a sweeping love story set amid the backdrop of WWII. The perfect combination of “in the trenches” battlefield accounts and classic 1940s romance, this memoir reads almost like a novel. It is an epic story of faith, hope, and love, and a nostalgic look back at one of the most memorable periods in American history.