Friday, February 5, 2016

My Name is Mahtob book review

My Name Is Mahtob: The Story that Began the Global Phenomenon Not Without My Daughter ContinuesMany of your know of the movie ''Not Without My Daughter''- this is a companion book to that bestseller, an autobiography written by the daughter herself. For the first time, read in print the thoughts and feelings and drama of the life Mahtob lived both during the time in Iran and afterwards. See how this traumatic experience changed her and shaped her. This book is an autobiography but it also raises awareness for several social situations. Last but not least, it is a testimony to the author's Lutheran faith. It also is a wonderful example of how a hurt human being can, with God's help work hard and achieve success despite the troubles endured as a child. Since I have never watched the film Not Without My Daughter or read the book, I can assure  all interested readers that this book is worth reading on its own as well. However, now that I have read this book I look forward to reading Not Without My Daughter as well!

The first half or so of this book flowed really well but I found that the remainder of the book was slower. It didn't quite drag, but it didn't have the same consistency and order as the first half. The last portion was more a scattering of thoughts and feelings with no obvious chronological order.

Note: Although the book tries to bring out the author's faith, it will not offend readers of any religion. This is an autobiography and can be read simply as such.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.