Sunday, January 29, 2017

Review of Born After Midnight by A.W. Tozer

Born After Midnight by

Born After Midnight
Will you press into heaven at the expense of earth?
It has been said that revivals are born after midnight. This is not because midnight is a magic hour—it isn’t—but because anyone truly desiring renewal doesn’t tire at seeking it.
Born After Midnight stirs us toward renewal. Be it in the realm of money, worship, worry, or prayer, A. W. Tozer applies God’s high wisdom to our everyday living to show sin bitter and Christ sweet, helping us crave heaven and lose our taste for the world.
If you will take God for who He says He is, trust His promises as true, and forsake the world in clutching for heaven, it will cost you everything. But it will give you eternity. Born After Midnight invites you to seek what cannot be lost.

   Although this book was originally published in the sixties, this is my first time reading it (as a 2015 publication) and I think the topic and approach wonderful. It has a different message than many Christian books today. I don't agree doctrinally with everything A.W Tozer believes, but I appreciated and learned from a lot in this work. The above paragraph sums up well the intent of this book. The challenge of this book is: will you seek God and the richness of a deeper relationship with Him above all other things? What will you sacrifice in order to have a better relationship with your Creator and Savior? This book is directed towards Christians although I think it will help seekers as well as long as they know they have nothing without Christ.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.