Thursday, February 22, 2018

Real-Life Romance: Inspiring Stories to Help You Believe in True Love by Rhonda Stoppe

Real-Life Romance: Inspiring Stories to Help You Believe in True Love

  I was intrigued from the first moment I heard of this newly-published book by Rhonda Stoppe. An entire book of not only true, real-life but also faith-filled romance stories? Definitely yes! Like I just said, the quality of this book doesn't just lie in the stories but in the reoccurring theme of God's grace and purpose weaving each story together. The author of this book has skillfully told each couple's love story with the point of pointing it  back to God. As I read each account, I was encouraged in many ways. Every story is different, and not all are tidy and perfect. As a matter of fact, just as in real life, many of the stories were messy and unexpected. But it is fascinating to read how God made things work together for His glory. There is something in this book for everyone in every season of life, whether married or single. The writing style is not phenomenal however I was grateful for the content and am glad I read this book!
I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.
Do You Believe in True Love?

In a world of broken relationships and hurting people, it can seem like all we ever see is heartache—that marriages are doomed from the start and romance isn't worth the risk. 

But heart-fluttering, long-lasting love is all around us...we just have to look for it! 

This collection of beautiful, real-life accounts will bring laughter and tears as you enjoy each story of ordinary people who found extraordinary love. Page after page, you will find inspiration to:
rekindle the romance in your love storytrust in God's providence and timingfaithfully hope for your own happily-ever-aftercelebrate true romancebelieve in life-long love
Don't let the world define romance for you! See how God is at work in the hearts of His people—knitting together hearts in a love that forever endures.