Wednesday, April 30, 2014

book review: Defy the Night

Defy the NightDefy the Night

A Novel by Heather Munn and Lydia Munn

It is the tumultuous year of 1941 and the people of France are living in apprehension, fear and confusion. Fifteen-year old Magali is restless because of the inactivity of the regular citizens. Hitler has taken over her homeland and yet she can do nothing. Or so she thinks. Soon an opportunity arises involving legally rescuing children from internment camps. Magali is overcome by her admiration for Paquette, the young woman in charge of these missions whose desire is to save as many lives as possible. This calling is transferred to Magali's heart as she experiences the drama and importance herself. 

A book about character development and the maturing heart and mind of a teenage girl, Defy the Night gives a great depiction of how a young girl might have felt during these dangerous years. Personally, I didn't think the book had enough emphasis on personal faith. And I didn't enjoy reading Magali's selfish thoughts and feelings. In a way, she was a little young for her fifteen years. On the other hand, I know I was immature myself at that age. 
Lastly, the language in this book is too modern for the times. Especially the grammar and language of Magali's thoughts. The writing quality of this book is not my style as the sentences are short and non-descriptive. Yet this book is definitely interesting and captures the attention of the reader. The style is popular amongst modern readers, I know. 
Although I probably will not keep this book, I do not dis-recommend it. ;)

I received this book free for review through KregelPublications and was encouraged to express my honest opinion in this review.