Tuesday, April 8, 2014

book review: Know Orphans

Know Orphans by Rick Morton

   ''Orphan ministry is not about us. If you need to feel good, go and volunteer at an animal shelter...''

   Author Rick Morton shares the urgency laid on his heart concerning the problem of orphans worldwide and their future and well-being.
Through several chapters, this father of three adopted children focuses in turn on the Biblical reason for taking care of the ''fatherless'', how we can help a ministry for oprhans begin or thrive, how to see our role in the problem, the different ways one can help orphans, helping an orphan make the switch and thrive emotionally in his new enviroment, and details on the actual transnational adoption process.

   This was quite a factual book. The information was very practical especially for those who feel called to actually make an adoption. It seemed that a full half of the book focuses on already established ministries designed to help orphans.
I found the beginning inspiring, but lost connection by the time the author began explaining about the start of each organization. I also didn't have time to research all these programs to see if I really agree with each one. I leave that up to every individual who feels called to invest money or time in an organization.

As I read through this new book by Mr. Morton, I was yet again reminded of how much we take for granted- and how much we waste. We live in luxury, especially compared to the majority of peoples around the world. Just think- there are real little children all over this world needing nutrition, love and guidance! Let's take a serious moment-or more- to see what God wants us to do to help!