Monday, March 31, 2014

great book: Seeking Allah, finding Jesus


   An inspiring autobiography, this book reveals to the reader the heart of a devout Muslim and his journey from a dissatisfactory, confusing religion towards a powerful and real saving faith in Jesus Christ.
I found this book fascinating; one of the best books I've encountered in the past couple years. Although I came to this book with an understanding of Islam stemming from my life-long interest in the far east, I learned a great deal more of the heart of that religion, and what drives a devout Muslim.

   Uniquely, this book brings to life the family-life of a Muslim. Although Nabeel is definitely not trying to make his readers and audience fall in love with the Muslim faith, he presents an honest picture of what he experienced growing up in a loving family.  He fosters the hope that the reader will remove personal prejudices against Muslims and view them as they view other non-Christian; with patience and love. Nabeel has met that goal, I think, in this book. We must be careful to not view every person of middle-eastern background as a 'threat'! Rather we need to treat them as every other non Christian we associate with!
I have always felt a concern for people of the Islamic faith and worried that American Christians are perhaps 'turning them off' by their lack of patience and love. We should not categorize non Christians as if some are 'closer to heaven' than others. When we do this, it is usually a result of personal fears and prejudices, don't you think?
Despite coming to this book already prepared for Nabeel's message, I was moved beyond expectation.

   I thought the questioning portion of Mr. Querishi's life one of the most interesting parts of the book. The debates and arguments which took significant place in the author's life when he was still seeking make up a significant part of this book.  I find that they present some of the best ideas of practical discussions with people of the Islamic religion.

  This is a challenging, convicting, uplifting book. It will even challenge you to examine your heart! It will push you to seek God as Nabeel did!
It is amazing to see how God brought Nabeel Quereshi to a saving faith through Jesus Christ! Now he putting his faith into practice by working with Ravi Zacharias's international ministries.
Needless to say, I highly recommend this book. The author is also a gifted writer, easily capturing the attention of the reader.
Did I mention that I recommend this book?

   Oh, and Christians, I thought this conversation in a portion of the book to be insightful. Although non-Christians are often mistaken in their judgement of Christians, there are things we can learn from their observant comments.

''What they're teaching people is that they can do whatever they want their whole lives ,and all they have to do is say a prayer and they'll go to heaven.....The purpose of religion is to make good people and a good society. If people can do whatever they want, they will indulge their sinful desires and society will fall apart. They have a blank check to sin....And that's why America is the way it is. Christians teach that there is no accountability for their deeds.''
hm...something to think about, eh? What impression are we giving the world?

I was pleased to receive this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it through the BookSneeze program.