Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book review: John Locke Philosopher of American Liberty

John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty
by Mary Elaine Swanson 403 pg. Published by Nordskog Publishing 2012

John Locke  Philosopher of American Liberty
How can I add any of my own praise for a book already endorsed by such wonderful historians and Biblical Christians John A. Eidsmoe, JD DMin; Paul Jehle MDiv. EdD; Marshall Foster, DD; George Grant, PhD; Jerry Newcombe, DMin!
All I can say is that I was very excited to receive this book from to read and review.

As Paul Jehle says: ''there has remained a deep chasm in the minds of many as to the origin of the civil liberties argued and defended during the time of the war for American Independence......What Mary-Elaine Swanson has done in her masterful book is to connect the missing link between the Biblical ideas of church government found among the Pilgrims and Puritans prior to the Great Awakening and the powerful sermons that inspired the American Colonies to stand 'as one man' in the face of British tyranny. That link was John Locke...''

To find out more, read this book!

This chunky paperback with its smooth binding and cream-toned pages written on with pleasant font and colonial-style script for the headings is enjoyable to read through.

   I particularly enjoyed the volume because I still have much to learn of Biblical law and the founding of America and therefore this book was a storehouse of information. Simultaneously, the book would be beneficial even for the advanced student of America history.
Especially interesting to me was the enlightening of Locke's true beliefs as opposed to what they are commonly supposed to be.
Chapter six, ''The Law of Nature in John Locke's Writings: A break with Classic Natural Law!'' was extremely helpful. Interestingly, chapter twelve is devoted to a contrast study between Locke and Rousseau! I will not reveal any more of what takes place in each chapter, but do read this book to discover what John Locke's true views were on Natural Law, Aristotle, Plato, Government, Philosophy, the Constitution, and more!

Contents include: Foreword by David Barton, Part 1: The Life and Times of John Locke; Part 2: The Glorious Revolution: Locke Adapted; Part 3: The American Revolution: Locke Adopted; Part 4: The French Revolution: Locke Abandoned; Part 5: The Modern Secular State: Locke Repudiated; Virginia Declaration of Rights; The Declaration of Independence; The Declaration of Rights of Man  and of the Citizen; Bibliography; General Index; Index to John Locke's writings; About the Author; Publisher's word; Theology Editor's word.

 John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty is on sale for $17.95 here!

I received this book free through the BookCrash reading program