Monday, March 31, 2014

Book review: Guiltless Living

Guiltless LivingGUILTLESS LIVING by Ginger Hubbard

   Author Ginger Hubbard sets off on the usually daunting task of transparently revealing her weaknesses and the many ways she gives in to them. Many women will be able to relate to Ginger's struggles with pride, control, impatience, selfishness...

This seven-chapter book also includes a Bible study guide on major character flaws (sins!) along with their godly opposite character traits: Critical versus encouraging, controlling versus sovereign, etc.

Although mentioned in reviews as ''hilarious'', I didn't find Ginger Hubbard's style incredibly humorous, despite the fact that I do have a great sense of humor.

  I appreciated this author's use of Scripture in this work of hers.
 Each chapter is filled with relevant passages. She does a good job of driving her point home in an enthusiastic manner. The lessons from each of her confessions make sense.

  I also thought it good that this woman doesn't laugh off ''normal'' sins such as road rage, proud thoughts, etc. Instead she actually makes herself out to be the worst of sinners in each of those moments. Which is how each of us should view ourselves. Every time we sin, it is an enormous trespass against God's law. This book has a good perspective on the depth of even the 'little' sins, balanced biblically with God's grace and forgiveness to His children.

I was personally not impressed with this easy-to-read book. Although I struggle with several of the sins presented in it, I found the lessons pretty basic.

I was offered this book through the Cross Focused Reviews program. I was encouraged to express my honest opinion of the book, whether negative or positive.