Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wonderful book: The Gospel Call and True Conversion by Paul Washer


I am surprised that as of yet I haven't already shared links to Paul Washer's sermons here....from the very first time I listened to one of Mr. Washer's messages, I was struck not only by his Biblically-sound doctrine but also by his obvious Christ-like love for people, and his even stronger love for God, which leads him to explain the truths of God's Word despite the negative acceptance these fundamental truths often encounter.

   I think God will use; or rather continue to use Paul Washer mightily in this critical time; a time in which churches are packed with people who think they are in God's favor simply because they prayed a prayer or walked down an aisle...(or agreed at the prompting of a well-meaning adult that they 'loved Jesus') but who never repented and came to saving grace, who never truly followed Christ...

    ''The Scriptures are clear: people must repent and believe the gospel. When Jesus appeared to Israel, He did not plead with them to open their hearts and ask Him in, nor did He direct them to repeat a certain prayer. Instead, He commanded them to turn from their sin and believe the gospel. (Mark 1: 14-15 for example)''-pg. 4 of this book

   This important volume covers many aspects such as repentance, faith, believing and confessing, new hearts, the nature of true conversion, the motive of salvation, the new covenant, the Christian's sure knowledge of God, and many more foundational truths! I would love to share more from the chapters of The Gospel Call & True Conversion, but there were so many important sentences that I would risk typing up the entire book on this review!

   Needless to repeat, I reommend Paul Washer's messages and books for everyone!
Just as the Bible is necessary for all to read and, the books explaining the truths of the Bible and doing away with the unbiblical and weak doctrines of our age are crucial for persual!

   Look into obtaining Paul Washer's messages and books for you, your family and your friends!
   May God teach you more and more how to truly glorify HIM!

   I was delighted to receive this book from the publisher, Reformation Heritage Books, to review! Thank you so much.

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