Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: 1,000 Days

I think this is a good week to share with you my thoughts on the above book, which is all about the ministry of our wonderful SAVIOUR, and how it pertains to each of our lives!

1,000 Days by Jonathan Falwell.....Hardcover, 240 pages.
A book re-enforcing the reasons why Jesus came to serve on earth, and how we should live accordingly, 1,000 Days was inspiring and pleasantly easy to read in my opinion.
   Both the book size and text font were comfortable to read, and the author did a good job in reaching both of his audiences : the Christian as well as the unsaved
   ‘Are you climbing mountain after mountain? Are you yearning for a greater sense of inner peace? Regardless of the degree of change you desire, you can sense that something in your life is not the way it is supposed to be and you long to satisfy that restless feeling’…. (pg. 2, 3)
   I love the way the book began, with thoughts like the one above. It gave the reader a desire to continue the book, to read more about Jesus, and to discover what life REALLY is about! A good book for both Christians and the unsaved! We need to understand what Jesus said and did during his three year ministry on earth so we can apply His example to our lives today.

 Although most of the statements in the book were familiar to me, I was very inspired by the book. How important it IS to find true contentment, true fulfillment in life through JESUS!
   So many chapters in this book were favorites, including the chapter about hypocrisy (pg. 73-84), and the chapter about finding happiness in less (pg. 85-96).
    I was also continuously marking the numbers of pages with good points….here are some examples : pg. 103 has good strong truth, pg. 26 talks about how God uses ordinary people, changing them to serve Him, and pg. 34 inspires the reader to serve God with his or her ALL!
Truthfully, there area couple points in the book which I know are wrong :
Pg. 15 2nd paragraph; Pg. 94, 2nd paragraph; Pg. 104, 2nd paragraph; Pg. 108 pt. 3. But here is not the place to explain fully why they are wrong doctrinally! If you read this book, please tell me and we can discuss further! Here is a good link: God's Sovereign Grace
Apart from those few points, there were so many good truths in this book; I DO recommend it!
Read this book! Be inspired to live a life patterned after Jesus’ 1,000 days earthly ministry!

To my audience: Have you read this book yet? What were your thoughts on it?

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