Wednesday, March 19, 2014

book review: 90 Days Through the Bible

 90 Days Thru the Bible: A Devotional Journey from Walk Thru the Bible
90 Days Thru The Bible by Chris Tiegreen
''Our voices carry no weight when we declare that the God of the universe has revealed Himself in the Bible and simultaneously admit that we haven't actually read all of it.'' (from intro.)

   I don't think it particularly necessary to read through the Bible in 90 days. 365 is pretty good. I started a little late this year, and read the Old Testament in about 180 days, and sometimes I still felt rushed! I can't imagine whizzing through the gospels as this book suggests: Luke, John, etc. in only a day each! Hebrews in two days...that is almost impossible, considering the words of Jesus and the deep truths in the New Testament!

   I suppose it would be fine, if one was doing this ''whiz through'' in addition to one's personal private daily devotions! I agree that it is useful to read the Bible through quite speedily sometimes to get a better picture of the events which make up the Old Testament. (I recommend researching resources that bring you through the Bible chronologically!)
This book gives an overview of each day's assigned passages. Not an in-depth study guide, and certainly not a commentary. I lean towards using a commentary or illustrated guide.

In 90 Days Thru the Bible, acclaimed devotional writer Chris Tiegreen and Walk Thru the Bible guide you through the major sections of Scripture, meditating on how each story and theme, like the pieces of a puzzle, beautifully contributes to God’s great story. You'll come to understand the heart of God, and the awe-inspiring story he's telling, like never before. With a 13-session guide and discussion questions for reflection, this is the perfect resource for small groups, individuals, and church groups.

I was given this book to review by the Tyndale publishing company and was urged to present my truthful opinion, whether negative or positive.