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Ways to earn free books! Blogging and Paperback Swap!

Do you love to read? And love to write reviews? are several great ways to get entirely
 FREE Christian books for yourself! (of course writing a 200 word review isn't work!)
Naturally, these are Christian books written in 2011/2012, so they don't have the deep content of books written decades ago. Often the doctrine is wrong. But I have happened across several good books anyhow!
Books I received for FREE from January to March 2012!
5 of these were worth keeping; pretty good for free. :)

BookSneeze, the first program for which I signed up, has proved to be the easiest and best still:
I review for BookSneeze®
Christian books published by Thomas Nelson publishers.
Bloggers get free books- signing up is very easy; you give your blog address where you will be posting the reviews. This is the easiest site to request books on, as well as to send in your review since you just post the links to your review on their website....and they have had a large variety of not only e-book, but also print books available in the past! I have enjoyed and kept most of the books which I chose from them. 

125 x 125
Another site of Christian books. Set up is simple, as well. As is the process of entering your review links, and requesting your next book.

My second-favorite company is: 
Christian books from small companies- I have received over four books through them, so it's safe, although it's not as professional as the other companies.  When you sign up, you have to wait for an email, and to request a book, just visit their page of available books (link provided in an email they send you) and click on the request button under the book you desire to review: this will open up an email to send to them; make sure you include your mailing address. 

I Review For The Tyndale Blog Network
(click on icon above)
TYNDALE PUBLISHERS (Christian books- system works through your email: you sign up, they decide if you qualify, then they send you names of books available through email. Pretty good, although there aren't many books available.)

My least favorite program, this one is pretty simple as well, although I haven't cared much for their books. They always notify through make sure you check your email if you want to know about books! They will also send you an email when you request a book, and they will tell you where to send your review....

New Leaf publishing
Books from Answers In Genesis, and more, this program looks exciting to me. I look forward to requesting good books from them.
The company has to make the decision before letting you join.....But it's worth a try!

LASTLY....what do you do with these books if you DON'T want to keep them after reading them? Why....SWAP them, of course! :) You are not allowed to sell the books you received in exchange for a review, but definitely suggest swapping through this fantastic program: PaperbackSwap!

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Signing up:
When you sign up, through the below link, they will ask you on the page if anyone referred you. I would be SO happy if you would say I referred you! (my name on the site is ''Mazzou'')

More about the site....
You simply join, just start listing books you have which are in good condition, and when a book is requested from you, you package the book and pay for its shipping. When the book is received by the other member, you will get a credit (1 credit per book!) to use to request any book off the site for YOURSELF! :)
As a special incentive, when you list 10 books, the company automatically gives you 2 credits as a gift.  And the referral system gives you 1 credit every time a friend lists 10 books.
I must admit that not all your favorite books will be available immediately. However, each person gets to add as many as 200 books to their wishlist which will enable you to keep in line as you wait for your desired book to be posted by another member. (I am sure this sometimes takes years....but oh well! I am grateful for the wishlist system.) I actually have received a couple books already from my wishlist!

Book quality:
 I have, so far, received over 4 great books in like-new condition! Very exciting. (if you do not want any books worse than ''new'' condition, you can specify that on your paperbackswap club account!) You can swap books which are in good condition, or newer. There is even a forum on the site for swapping damaged books.

My success story:
In fact, two like-new Christian historical fiction books which I recently received I would have paid over $12.00 each if I had purchased them from the company we usually do....through PaperBackSwap I ended up paying only $3.17 for both!(where do I get this $3.17? from the cost it sent me to mail out 2 books previously in order to obtain the 2 credits to spend on these two books I requested!) See what I's great!

Choosing books to swap:
Note: If you don't have books in your home which you want to get rid of on PaperBackSwap, you can always purchase books from your thrift shop, library, etc. I suggest you look out for lightweight books, so you can spend less for your credit. Also, you might want to contemplate which books are highly desired in the can find this out, and more, on the site!

Comment on this post if you have any questions, or if you already use PaperBackSwap!

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.