Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great book Made In Heaven

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Made in Heaven
 by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto
Hardback, 64 pages. Published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group

''Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.'' -Revelation 4:11 
(quoted on pg. 4 of this book)

How often we close our eyes to the wonders around us. Everything, from the tiniest ant to the breath-taking expanse of sky above us, the world loudly proclaims a Creator! For centuries, man kind has been copying God's brilliant creation in order to create things for themselves to use. But does mankind give the true Creator the glory? Man is so proud; he would prefer to credit himself...but it is time to turn back to the real Designer and Creator: God!

''Those who look at the unspeakably wonderful design of nature and don't see the hand of the Designer are truly sense-less. They're not using their God-given senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Nature screams of God, and for some reason, they turn a deaf ear, a blind eye, and a closed mouth.'' (page 5, introduction)

In Made In Heaven, you will discover what humans have gained from studying fish, spiders, squids, the human eye, the human immune system, mosquitoes, gecko feet, leaves, and even sunflowers and pine cones, not to mention the many more topics covered in this great book!

Sometimes difficult to understand because of the mathematical explanations, I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up.
 I think it would especially be grand for fathers and sons to read together! The thirty-two chapters could be spaced out over a period of weeks.
 I am sure my father, who is a mechanical engineer, will be interested in looking through the fascinating chapter, along with my 12-year old brother who loves studying nature! In fact, I plan on giving it to the latter on his birthday.

Buy this book!
After reading Made In Heaven, you will feel even more awe for our Creator!
And it's happily published in the United States!

I was pleased to receive this book free through New Leaf Publishers Book Reviewing Program, to read and review.

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