Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book review Share The Bounty

Share the Bounty by Benita Long
Published by Thomas Nelson

Home entertaining with a higher purpose, Share the Bounty is a book focusing on hospitality for the sake of blessing those around us, and ultimately for the glory of God!

I found the cover and large size of this hardback cookbook appealing.You will be delighted with the numerous full-page photographs filling the book, as well as be inspired by the tasty recipes.
Since culinary arts are very important to me, with photography also being a favorite of mine, I am always excited to find a cookbook which combines the two arts to create a beautiful and satisfactory book.
I enjoyed the variety of photographs (by Sammy Anderson), which range from flowers and landscapes to table settings, exquisite buildings.....and of course, food!

As a cook, I assure you that the recipes in Share the Bounty are balanced in the sense that they are not overly time-consuming to prepare, yet unique enough to ensure the pleasure of the loved ones you are serving.
Such exciting recipes as ''Spicy Sausage and Chicken Lasagna'', ''Fig Turnovers'', ''Fireside Soup'', ''Walnut Cheese Wafers'', ''Asparagus Leek Quiche'', and ''Grilled Chicken and Wild Rice Salad'' caught my interest.
The book has many more simple recipes such as ''Strawberry Rhubarb Bread'', ''Spicy Herbed Hummus'', ''Praline Bars'', and ''Chocolate Coffee Pie''. As a side note, I wouldn't recommend this cookbook for experienced or talented cooks as the recipes are ones you could invent yourself! (I personally love inventing things, based on my experience as my family's ''chef''! :) )

Besides the two arts of creating meals and photographing the world around me, I also love interior decorating and preparing table settings, therefore I was glad to notice several photographs of various richly-decorated rooms and sweet table settings in Share the Bounty.

Just looking at the variety of opportunities for hosting gatherings suggested in this book and seeing the photographs of several different tables, as well as all the recipes is enough to cause great excitement within one as to future hospitality endeavors. However, the author of the book doesn't stop there. Included with each chapter is an introduction with a Biblical perspective and Scriptures enforcing the real reasons behind hospitality, friendship and community.

I personally favored, recipe-wise, the chapters concerning ''Festive Appetizers'', ''International Cuisine'', and also the chapter about welcoming overnight guests. I know it sounds humorous, but I can't wait until someday I can make little treats to place on the bedside table of a guest for their pleasure!

To be balanced, I must add my negative views...
First, I was disappointed that the book is printed in China. It seems double-minded to bless people in America by our hospitality and food while simultaneously supporting a government which cruelly persecutes Christians.

Also, the book includes quotes not only from godly people but also from such questionable characters as Aristotle, Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, a Dalai Lamaa, Plato, and shockingly, a quote or two from Rousseau!

Although the rooms in the photographs has some beautiful styles and colour tones, some of them had rather modern artwork or pieces which took away from the beauty.

Those are my only complaints.

I was pleased to receive this book free through the blogging program! I was encouraged to state my entire opinion, positive or negative.