Wednesday, March 19, 2014

book review: Living in Financial Victory

Living in Financial Victory  -     By: Tony Evans

Living in Financial Victory


We will only have freedom from financial worries and wrong attitudes concerning earthly belongings when we truly learn and believe that none of it is ours. Rather, all still does belong to God and He has merely entrusted us with the care of even the smallest treasure on earth in order that we act as wise stewards and use those treasures to further His kingdom and bring glory back to Him!

 ''When we begin handling the property God entrusts us with as God's property, not our own, then we will make wiser decisions and will sense a greater freedom.''

  This small book deals with the all-important subject of finances- through the view of covenant (Deuteronomy 8:18). The author writes with the perspective that God blesses people with earthly goods in order to bring Himself glory. The author emphasises that we are part of a Kingdom with Christ as ruler, and us as subjects. How will we take care of the ''talents'' with which He has entrusted us?

   From a personal opinion, this book was nothing new. But that's because I'm so smart. Just kidding. I have had the privilege to work through a different marvelous Christian Stewardship course which taught similar foundational principles on stewardship and finances. Since I had previously learnt much of the content of this book, I found it a little hard to get into. The format  was not as conducive to personal practical study as it could have been.

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I was encouraged to state my entirely honest opinion, negative or positive.