Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book review: Priceless Stones

Priceless Stones by James Revoir

42 days of Hebrew promises...

Read a chapter a day of this book and learn many important Hebrew words! It will deepen your knowledge of God's Word...
Personally, I found this book informative in ways, yet not incredibly convicting or life-changing; yet perhaps you will gain from it more than I.

Some things that bothered me in this book where the following:
The author doesn't give the meaning of the Hebrew word of the chapter until middle of chapter. 
Since I like systematic studies of- anything!- I found this book slightly random as to the order in which the words are taught. However, that very relaxed style lends to easy spontaneous reading, which is good for many people's busy schedules. 

Lastly, I don't appreciate the prescribed prayers and especially declarations at the end of each chapter which are meant for any reader to proclaim yet which cannot be true for every reader, that is certain.

I thought it was good how the author brought many real-life instances into the book which helped bring the lessons on God's goodness or strength to life!

the author's bio declares....''James has a passion to invite the reader to not only be acquainted with, but to personally experience, the amazing, incomprehensible, boundless love of God and to radically encounter Him on a deeply intimate level to such an extent that the reader is never the same again. ''

I received this book to review through BookCrash...I was encouraged to express my full opinion. I would like to thank both BookCrash and the publisher of this book for allowing me to read and share my thoughts.