Monday, March 24, 2014

Good book: Singled Out by Nikki Derouin

Singled Out: Finding Contentment When It's Just You and the Nikki Derouin

   This new book is both encouraging and convicting.
As an unmarried woman with the desire of marriage, Nikki is not only qualified but gifted to share godly wisdom with the hundreds of single women of all ages who are looking for advice and purpose.
 As a single young woman, I was challenged by her loving encouragement and wise rebukes. Her hope for young ladies is that they think beyond the usual mindset that being single is some sort of curse. Although she doesn't commend singleness, she exhorts each of us to make sure we are attempting to fulfill God's will for our lives right now. There are many different seasons in our lives. We must not become drastic- assuming that marriage is never to be for us- or unrealistic- selfishly dreaming of the marriage we deem our right!

''Marriage is not a guarantee. A spouse in not included in the ''Christian Package''. But I'll tell you what is in Christ.''

Nikki carefully covers every heart aspect you may have experienced: selfish dreams, godly dreams, the sure calling many of us feel for motherhood,  bitterness, struggles with trusting God with our future, etc.

  In my view, the most important quality of her book is the counsel to look past our personal dreams and selfish view of life and to really try to understand what we were created for. No matter whether we are married or unmarried, we are individuals in the sight of God and we are accountable to Him as such. Although marriage is a beautiful picture of Christ and the Church (and Nikki is careful to describe marriage as such), and although it definitely is better for two to work together for the Lord than one; there are many instances where it just isn't God's will for a person. And we shouldn't waste time complaining or feeling deprived because how to we know the length of each season in our lives? Let us come before God as individuals and strive to serve Him the best way we can NOW.
   As you have most probably noticed, I am having a hard time putting my thoughts into coherent words. But I assure you Nikki Derouin didn't have that problem in her new book. I encourage you to read it. You will be blessed.

I was pleased to receive this book through to review.