Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book review: Almost Amish

Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth
paperback 2012

''Something is wrong...terribly wrong. We Tweet while we work, text while we drive, and basically stare at our computer screens until we fall into bed at night....''
What an inspirational book of wise revelations this is! Although my family already makes our feeble attempt to live healthily, simply and for the glory of God, this was a deeper reminder to re-think how your are spending your time! Are you making technology your god? Are you making the modern world your god? Nancy Sleeth uses the Amish people as a very good example of how our lives as Christians COULD be lived to better serve God. She is not enforcing that we should BECOME Amish, but rather that we obey God's direction in changing our lives to make them more focused on eternal things- things of WORTH! I highly recommend this easy to read book. I love the approach this author has to making our personal lives better, for God's glory! She is an inspiring, humble author. 
Here are just a few wonderful quotes from the book:
‘A calmer, more peaceful healthier existence. Many of us PLAN expensive vacations to seek these very qualities and ‘’get away’’. For the Amish, it’s a way of life.’
‘’Too easily, our homes and the stuff that fills them can become false idols. Possessions should work for us; we should not work for them!’’
‘’How can we hear the voice of God if we are multitasking nonstop? How can we see the face of God in still waters and green pastures when we are chronically refreshing the screen? The digital generation is a distracted generation.’’
‘’Be not conformed to this world- Romans 12 :2’’
Now…I have read other reviews which said that the author spent more time dwelling on our earthly lives instead of our spiritual. I don’t know what the author’s viewpoint is, but I can assure you : this book helped inspire me because I was NOT looking to as a spiritual growth book, rather as a practical living book! I don’t think the author intended her book to be the only book for Christians to read! Besides, I think she does do a good job in explaining : all this healthful living IS to draw us closer in relationship to God, so we have more time for HIS service! I hope that helps explain any doubtful things in the book.
I do have concerns because Nancy Sleeth DOES use many terms that earth-worshipers (earth-friendly) people use. As Christians, we should use different terms than the world. Therefore, we don’t use the terms ‘’earth-friendly’’, ‘’go green’’ ‘’carbon footprint’’, or ‘’save the planet’’, but rather say we are ‘’Creation conscious’’, ‘’stewards of God’s world’’, etc. I don’t know why the author chose to use terms as the world does. But I know personally I am able to overlook those phrases, and hope that the author really meant that we are not trying to ‘’save the planet’’, but trying to take wise CARE of God’s world!
Enjoy this book. I love the inspiration to live healthier, more frugal, more ALIVE lives! For God's glory. I loved the thoughts on becoming closer to family, reaching out to neighbours, becoming hospitable, etc. etc. READ THIS BOOK!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided you with a complimentary copy of this book: I was encouraged to express my own full opinion, negative or positive.