Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book review Angels Are For Real

Angels Are For Real by Judith MacNutt

 ''Angels have been, and will continue to be, a vital part of God’s Kingdom. Throughout the ages they have been messengers, protectors, healers, comforters and more to the people of God''.....

This promises to be a very brief review, because simply : I do not agree with the author’s doctrine and beliefs! Therefore I will state just a few of my thoughts on the mere format and writing quality of the book.
   I AGREE that angels play a significant role in both the heavenly realm and in performing God’s commands on earth. I have also heard awesome stories of how angels have helped people visibly.
   But reading THIS book has taught me that I should always look into the beliefs of an author before plunging eagerly into their publications! This easy-to-read book with it’s comfortable reading font and pleasant page size began in an inspiring manner.. But as I progressed through the book, things began getting more and more biblically and doctrinally incorrect. Reading about the author’s beliefs ahead of time would have warned me of what to expect.
   The author also wrote in a rather scattered manner (similar to the way this review is written); the supposedly ‘true’ accounts of meetings with angels were interspersed randomly throughout the book, giving the reader a rather confused feeling.
   Realizing that the author of this book was totally wrong on several of her beliefs, I quickly finished the book and my review ends thus : The book was fine in some parts, but obviously not worth reading since it is not founded on true principles. I feel like the book trapped the reader in a way, since the Catholic beliefs of the author only began coming through in about the middle of the book, increasing as the chapters went on.
   I conclude : of course there were a few good thoughts in the book; but since the author’s beliefs were too out of accord with true biblical doctrine I simply cannot recommend the book.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps you.

I received a free copy of this book to review from Chosen publishers (a division of Baker Publishing) through Bethany House Book Reviewers . I was encouraged to state my own opinion on the book, whether it be positive or negative. (''And let me assure you that I have no expectation for your reviews--if you don't like the book you received, feel free to review it negatively.'')