Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book review: Advice for Seekers

Advice for Seekers (Charles H. Spurgeon)
We think we are seeking God with all our hearts....but are we really? Maybe we are still holding on to some sin that we think is so much a part of us that it will be extremely uncomfortable to give it up...

I first read this book by Spurgeon in a different format. Although we will all agree that it is the text of a book that carries the worth of the volume, I must admit that for the artistically minded, a well-designed book has an important role in keeping the reader's attention, besides drawing him to the volume initially. This printing of Advice for Seekers, originally published in 1896 as ''Words of Advice for Seekers'', and now republished by Attic Books in 2013 is a charming reproduction. The company combines the lure of antique volumes with the quality of new to provide an enjoyable read. From the edges of the pages, which resemble the cut-apart leafs of yester-year to the old-fashioned font,I'm sure this copy is as like the first editions as possible. Much appreciated is the fact that the original writing style and text were ''painstakingly recreated'' rather than updated to today's language. This keeping with the original text helps to understand the author better. 

  This work of Charles Spurgeon's begins with fundamental truths for every seeker and more so, believers seeking more depth and truth in their relationship with God.

During my first reading of the book, I noticed that there are contained some sentences which concern me as they could be taken in the wrong way by unrepentant readers. Yet, if they read the book in its entirety, they will likewise see Spurgeon's Biblical view of God's perfection, His hatred of sin, His demanding of total repentance.
   Upon this my second reading of this work, it struck me that although ideal for believers seeking a deeper relationship with God, or unregenerated people who have grown up exposed to Christianity, the Bible and good doctrine, or persons who, growing up in a Christian surrounding are finally questioning the reality of their salvation, I don't know as I would recommend it for our current world of unbelievers. Of course God uses anything He wishes to to bring people to Him. And this is a fine tool. Yet it is a rather encouraging little volume. An aspect which our world gets too much of already. An unbeliever reading this may get a simplistic idea of salvation, and on his own may obtain a false assurance. Yet Spurgeon does carefully explain that a believer does NOT persist in sin. I leave the distribution of copies of this book up to the wisdom of the buyer, and do recommend this work for seekers who have grown up in a Christian family, church or community.

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