Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book review: Rainbows for Rainy Days

Rainbows for Rainy Days Rainbows for Rainy Days by Catherine Campbell
I was impressed by Catherine's obvious experiences with pain and disappointed which God used to bring her closer to him. I was prepared for a shallow book with constant reminders of ''God's love for everyone, despite their sin....'' but I think the author has a better understanding than that. At least from looking at this little book. I was blessed by some of the nuggets of wisdom written in this book which is divided into 40 small chapters of verses and reminders of God's providence.  The fact that she herself has dealt with great grief in the loss of her two daughters at early ages and with disappointment in that they were born with severe health problems shows through in the daily lessons on grief, prayer and understanding God's perfect will in every area of our lives.
The book is simple enough for anyone to understand.

From the website: 
The sight of a rainbow is more than a beautiful natural phenomenon. For behind each physical show is a reminder of a God who always keeps His promises – especially in the middle of life's storms.
'Rainbows for Rainy Days' is a full colour, hard back book containing 40 devotional readings. Bringing together a selection of promises from the bible, Catherine's writings encourage the reader to trust God for whatever situation they find themselves in.
Uplifting and inspiring, this little gem will brighten any rainy day!