Monday, December 28, 2015

Book review: #Struggles: Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World by Craig Groeschel

#Struggles: Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World

I picked up this book to read last night and could hardly put it down! Every chapter was so relevant and well presented with wisdom from the Lord that I was deeply convicted. The author writes this book with humility and understanding yet with backbone of power from God and His word. This book is a must-read for everyone living today! It is not solely directed to those who seem to be addicted with selfie-taking or even social media. This book targets the reason behind the overwhelmingly-rising trend of selfies and social media and will leave you changed and ready to face life with a better understanding of what JESUS wants of you!!!

We all love the benefits of technology and social media, but even with the incredible upsides, many of us suspect there are unintended negative consequences that are beyond our control. We’ve lost perspective, even perhaps ourselves.