Wednesday, February 22, 2017

review of Made for a Purpose by Kristie Wilde

Made for a Purpose

Made for a Purpose


   Made for  a Purpose is a picture book for children. It is filled with beautifully drawn illustrations which bring nature to life. The text of this book is easy for children to understand yet also instructive as it teaches the reason why God created certain animals the way He did. While hearing this book, children will learn that God created everything and that He has a reason for all that He creates, including people.
Children and adults will love the watercolor illustrations which complete the book. They are realistic and of pleasing quality.
This is a book which brings glory to God and happiness to the reader.
I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

A beautifully illustrated picture book, designed to be read to young children, inspiring inquisitive minds to think more deeply about the world around them from a Christian perspective.
The simple text and detailed illustrations are windows into the world of each animal represented. Unique features of these animals are explained in the simplest way. God's wisdom and ingenuity is introduced, stimulating new thought processes in young minds, leading to exploration and discovery of their world, themselves and their God.