Tuesday, May 27, 2014

book review: A Table By The Window

A Table by the Window: A Novel of Family Secrets and Heirloom RecipesA Table by the Window: A Novel of Family Secrets and Heirloom Recipes (Two Blue Doors) Paperback  by Hillary Manton Lodge 

A Table by the Window is a romance which just radiates warmth and good aromas as if you, the reader, were experiencing the same inspirational flavors which are the backbone of this interesting Christian novel. As a culinary enthusiast myself, I loved the theme of the book. Hillary Lodge did a marvelous job expressing the passion a cook has for his or her art!
   The book opens with the main character- Juliette, discussing with her brother Nico the future of certain treasured belongings from their recently deceased and beloved French grandmother. As the story unfolds, you can't help but love Juliette and even her feisty Italian-French family. 
In this first-person story the reader follows Juliette's (never Julie) trials as well as her joyful moments. But all along, ''Etta'' knows she is lonely. And scared. Frightened of starting up another relationship which, like the last, could cause friction. Worried about balancing her job as well as her passion- helping with the family restaurant.
I thought it delightful that throughout this book there were delicious recipes; most often coming right after being mentioned in a chapter! 
I loved the honest picture the author was able to paint of the restaurant and culinary world- a world of class and good flavors. 
Coming from a French background, I applaud the author for realistically portraying the French ''hospitalitĂ©''. Juliette seems to have that inborn flair for entertaining in a  comfortable yet sophisticated manner.
This is only book one in a small series which the author is embarking on and it opens up family mysteries as well as romance...Juliette's world will never be the same! And the question is, what will she be willing to give up in order to marry the man she loves? The soon-to-be-written sequel will provide all the answers. 
I was surprised to find that I, who don't usually enjoy first-person books was able to look beyond that 
On a critical note, I didn't think the Christian message very strong in this book. In fact, I was not left with an impression of a specific Christian point. Nevertheless, this book is a nice read for someone who loves fiction...or should I say one who loves cooking?
Bon Appétit!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.