Wednesday, May 28, 2014

book reviews: Growing Up God's Way for girls/boys

Growing Up Gods Way For Boys And Girls
Growing up God's Way....for boys, for girls!
By Dr. Chris Richards and Dr. Liz Jones

These two books are for girls  and boys on growing up! They answer all the questions a pre-teen may have concerning body changes, marriage and more. I really appreciated the regard the authors gave to GOD'S word. They explain clearly the WHYs and WHEREFORES in light of God's laws. 
As an adult, I was curious to see what this book contained for children who have yet to reach those years of change, change change! The book is recommended for ages 9-13. I have some issues with that age range, which I will explain further. 
These books each begin with the changes that will happen in the body. This I agree with. If it's going to happen, there is no wrong in explaining why and how it happens. I would insert here that I think it's better when the Mother explains things to her daughter. But for some parents, this can be difficult I can imagine. So this book is a good alternative. 
This portion of the book, as well as the basics on modesty and keeping our hearts and bodies pure is great for your average 9-year old. So is the prelude to the marriage chapter. 
But this little book goes just a little too deep in my opinion for 9 year- olds when it comes to the ''Married'' portion. The authors give a pretty thorough explanation of what is meant for husbands and wives only and in my opinion that is a little unnecessary for your average nine-year old. On the other hand, it goes without saying that if your child goes to public school some in-depth explanation on purity is going to have to happen. At an even earlier age than 9 years. It's up to you, the parent how much that talk will entail for such a young child. I DO agree that it is important for the parent to make sure their child hears about these things from a Christian source. BEFORE the world tries to indoctrinate them. And before they 'accidentally' find out such stuff on their own. Also before they start asking too many embarrassing questions. I can imagine that parents want to keep their child innocent. But you can only do so for so long. 
I also didn't think it necessary for a pre-teen girl to read even the short blurb on boy's changes which is included in this book. Again, the parent will have to decide this. 

Likewise, I think the short chapter on changes in girls which is found in the book for boys was a little too detailed. Maybe I'm just too private. But I wouldn't want boys of the ages 9-13 knowing what's going on with girls their age... Again, this is up to the parents discretion.

You can trust that your child will come away with a Biblically-sound view of why we are created male and female! I thought the authors did a great job upholding the differences between males and females, the reason why we were created thus, the sanctity of marriage, etc. etc.