Friday, July 22, 2016

When there are no easy answers by John S Feinberg

When There Are No Easy Answers: Thinking Differently about God, Suffering, and Evil
Yet again, I am blessed to read and review a wonderful book on suffering and triumph through faith in Jesus! When There Are No Easy Answers is a book by a man who had to learn to see God's love and mercy through trial and suffering. In 1987 his beloved wife was diagnosed with an incurable, genetically transmitted disease. They were immediately challenged in their faith and their approach to God's goodness in the face of the evil of suffering. 
In the months and years following the initial discovery of Mrs. Feignberg's chronic illness, the couple  discovered just how little their Christian community understood about how to support people in crisis. One of the goals in this paperback is to open the eyes of Christians as to the importance of having the right perspective on suffering and the heart to help others through their times of trial.
I recommend this book for those who are going through suffering, have experienced it in the past and perhaps especially for those who, like me have never gone through anything major. 
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

How can a God of love allow terrible things to happen in our lives?Christians often assume they're equipped to deal with tragedy if it enters their lives, but like most people, think it never really will. What happens, then, when we follow God's will to the best of our abilities and heartbreak strikes? Do we mean it when we implore "Have Thine own way, Lord" or does that only apply in times of blessings or small, manageable hurts?

When There Are No Easy Answers considers the problem of grief from every angle, just as the Feinbergs walked through it in their journey. It confronts the question of justice, examines the nature of God, and argues for the reality of grace. Feinberg explores the biblical reasons against the use of traditional cliches and platitudes, especially by those in ministry, and lays out alternatives that can actually comfort and encourage the person who is struggling or grieving.