Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Rope of Sand by C. F Dunn

Rope of Sand (The Secret of the Journal #3) Rope of Sand (the Secret of the Journal) by C. F Dunn
   Third in a series by C.F. Dunn, Rope of Sand follows the unusual life of British historian Emma D' Eresby and her romance with American surgeon Matthew Lynes. Although this book is tertiary in the series, there is thankfully an opening chapter which explains briefly the necessary details which took place in the preceding books.
Let me say, this author had a brilliant idea when it came to this series' story line. However, I haven't read the first two books and I found this one a little slow. There is hardly any action and the romance is stunted by the fact that Dr. Lyne's first wife from 80 years ago is still alive. I hated the fact that marriage was not held sacred. Although its hard to judge a book that is fiction? How can you judge marriage vows in a book where the wife is in her 90's and the husband is still basically 30? I really, really did not like the science-fiction aspect to the story. But that's just me. I found it odd. It's never appealed to me, although I have to admit the author hit upon an interesting plot when she created Dr. Lyons, who is doomed to living forever. The author can make this series a hit if she, in the fourth book makes Dr. Lyons do something to stop his never-ending youth. If he gives it up because he just wants to live, and die, a normal life with his love, Emma.
Nevertheless, this will never be my kind of book. It was really dark and besides it goes against my beliefs in many ways. I do not consider it a Christian book, by the way.

More about the book:
Rope of Sand follows the developing relationship between British historian, Emma D’Eresby and American surgeon, Matthew Lynes. Emma unravels his alarming past, and begins to comprehend how very different her future might be with a man whose identity must never be revealed. Emma nervously meets Matthew’s family. She encounters his seventy-year-old son, Henry, and learns how unique the family really is. As Christmas approaches, it is clear that Emma is not welcomed by all: what does Matthew’s great-granddaughter, have against her, and what might his sinister psychiatrist granddaughter, Maggie, be prepared to do? Bound by their faith, Matthew and Emma have accepted that they must wait until his wife dies. Very reluctantly, Emma meets Ellen - an elderly woman with a core of steel - and learns how living with Matthew will be mean obfuscation, concealment, and lies. How can the lovers have a life together?

I received this book free in exchange for my honest opinion of it, from the publishers.