Tuesday, July 29, 2014

book review: Defending the Line the David Luiz story

   Defending the Line by Alex Carpenter (Zonderkidz biography)
This is small book about Brazilian soccer star David Luiz. It is quite a thorough biography and I enjoyed reading it. It definitely gave me more of an interest in Brazilian soccer and David Luiz. 
It's a small book and the reader can sense that it is directed to a younger audience yet simultaneously it's a wordy read even for an adult. I know that sounds confusing! I wonder if a young boy who is aware of all the ins and outs of the soccer world would find it less prolix? I just felt like it was too technical. I am disappointed that the book doesn't focus on the faith of this supposedly faith-driven athlete. There were some good mentions, but not enough. I would say that the author is a soccer fan who knows so much about the sport that he couldn't leave out any of the details of the games in order to focus on David Luiz's personal and faith life. No offense. I love soccer myself. But I'm definitely an amateur, so many of the terms went over my head. I would recommend this book for the intense soccer fan. I must say this book is without a doubt a book you can feel safe handing to your son or daughter to read! Even if it is not centered on faith, it has enough in it that I am sure it will inspire your young athlete to do their best for God!

More about the book (from the publisher's website)
The story of David Luiz, 2010 player of the year and a rising star in international professional soccer, whose faith and success are inspiring to young athletes.
For kids ages 8-12 and soccer fans of all ages comes the newest addition to the Zonderkidz biography series,Defending the Line: The David Luiz Story. One of the rising stars in international soccer, David Luiz made his debut in professional soccer as a teen and has since become a star player whose faith and success inspire athletes young and old around the world.
As part of the Zonderkidz biography series, Defending the Line reveals the true story behind this sports celebrity, motivating young readers and giving parents, youth leaders, and librarians an inspirational new hero.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.