Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book review: In the Land of the Blue Burqas

In the Land of Blue BurqasIn the Land of the Blue Burqas by 

As I read this book I was impressed by her love. Her humility. She really saw herself, her country (America) in the eyes of the people she was ministering to, and made haste to remove as many hindrances as possible. She dressed in a way befitting a woman in the Afghani culture (apart from the face scarf), and tried to adhere to as many innocent rules as possible. This is a must for a foreigner going into another culture. We cannot just barge into another country with our American ways, assuming we will be welcomed with open arms just because we're American. How arrogant.  Because this woman obviously cared about them and loved them, these Afghan people were more willing to listen to her explain the gospel! 
This book is very interesting; I was able to read it quite easily. It has many heart-touching stories. I wish it had more conversion stories, but I had to be content with hoping the people's hearts changed later on. 

I received this book from the publisher - Moody Press- in exchange for my review!