Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great cookbook review...Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen

Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen

I am so excited to have received this cookbook, ''the first major Peruvian cookbook published for a US audience''! Indeed, although my family and I have rather a collection of cookbooks from around the world, this is our first of the cuisine of any country of South America besides Argentina! I was absolutely delighted as I opened this new cookbook. Judging my the cover you may, as I did, assume that there are no colour photographs inside. What a surprise you will have when you open this book with it's cute 'tiled' cover and see the beautiful photos inside! True to Ten Speed Press tradition and quality, almost every recipe has a stunning depiction in color. The book is a great size- full of hundreds of amazing flavor-packed recipes. You are in for a real treat!
  As I read (yes, I read my cookbooks more enthusiastically than most girls do novels!) you will feel like you are not holding just a cookbook, but that in your hands you have a passport to a vibrant country. I learnt more about Peru in that time than if I had attempted to read a text book on it! This is the kind of cookbook I love. 
   When I consider the recipes in Ceviche, I think ''fresh'', ''colourful'', and ''healthy''. The first two chapters have plenty of fresh fish recipes. (no surprise considering the title, which is the national fish dish of Peru!) There are also chapters on meat, salads and desserts. 
Personally, living in the land-locked Midwest, I (sadly) won't have much use for the seafood recipes. I also won't be making many of the meat dishes shown since they involve mostly pork, lamb and fowl whilst I usually am limited to chicken and beef. However, the ''salads'' chapter as well as the ''desserts'' one. The salads and vegetable dishes are probably the most unique and beautiful I have seen yet! Their presentation reminds me of French dishes yet they have an exotic flair...I can't wait to surprise my family and friends with them! The desserts look very sweet but I am already inspired to try them with a natural alternative to the sugar...
Needless to say, you need to look at this book! You will be impressed.
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

More about the book:
Flavor-driven and captivating, Peruvian dishes are unique and familiar at the same time. This cuisine combines native ingredients that are becoming increasingly popular in their own right (such as quinoa and amaranth) with Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese techniques and ingredients to create fresh, multicultural gourmet dishes that appeal to America's ravenous taste for ethnic food. From sizzling barbecued beef anticucho skewers, superfood salads featuring quinoa and physalis, and piquant 
ceviche to airy giant choclo corn cakes and lucuma ice dessert,The Peruvian Kitchen will be the first authoritative cookbook to bring the delicious dishes from Peru's lush jungles, Andean peaks, and seaside villages to US kitchens