Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Perfect Time by Sarah Sundin historical fiction review

In Perfect Time (Wings of the Nightingale #3)

In Perfect Time (Wings of the Nightingale #3)

Always drawn to World War II books, I was excited to begin this historical fiction romance by Sarah Sundin.must say upfront that I am not a big fan of books which are primarily romances. I love good romance in a book, but I feel like the romance is just...overdone in romance novels! So when I say that I thought this book good is saying a lot. 

The third in the author's ''Wings of the Nightingale'' series, this book focuses on the third of the ''Nightingales'', flight nurse Kay Jobson. Although it is about characters from the previous two books, it is a great on its own as well. I hadn't read the first two in this series and was able to launch into these characters' world quite well.
Having grown up in a hypocritical 'Christian' family, Kay has a negative view of church and religion. This book is a wonderful story of how God can use His word, and his people to bring salvation to the most unlikely people.

Personally, I was intrigued by the deep message which was the spine of this romance. It is rare that you find a romance, even a Christian one which has such a life-changing message as this one. The author does a wonderful job of teaching that we have no control over our lives. I really related to the 'heroine'-Kay-in this book. Not in every aspect certainly, but in the aspect that she is used to controlling her life. When everything starts veering out of control, she feels at a loss. And sometimes, when we have reached the end of ourselves that is when God works in us. I loved that this book revolved not just around the romance, as too many romances do, but around faith and character development.
Although I would have preferred this book to have even more historical facts than it does, it is far beyond most romance-focused romance novels in that there is actually adventure in this one! It was quite an interesting read. 
I will add, however that it is for adults. And the end isn't spectacular. But I see the author's point. She did a good job finishing everything up.

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I was pleased to receive this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.