Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review of Knockout Knits by Laura Nelkin

As an avid knitter inheriting my love for this craft from my Irish grandmother, I am always intrigued by books full of ideas and patterns for beautiful creations.
Knockout Knits is a lovely paperback book devoted to new and unique patterns for accessories. Every pattern in the book would make a delightful gift; I am so excited to start sharing these warm expressions of love with my family and friends. The author is especially talented in creating lacy patterns. The book is full of instructions for hats, gloves, leg warmers, light-weight shawls and more. The photographs make the reader excited to try the patterns. The clothing is depicted in pretty spring-toned shades. As an aside, with the colors the knits are shown completed in along with the light-weight look of the shawls, I would say these accessories are perfect for springtime. 
I suppose I would call myself an intermediate/advanced knitter and I found these instructions and ideas do-able! So excited about this lovely book. 
I was pleased to receive this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

More about the book....
An abundance of knitted luxuries--summery lace shawls, warm and woolly hats, a trio of cool knitted bracelets, and stunning beaded gloves--designed to grow your skills.

Who doesn't love to knit accessories? They're fast, often require only a skein or two of yarn, and make amazingly versatile gifts for friends and family. Small knits are also the perfect way to try something new--an unusual stitch pattern, wild multi-colored yarn, or even a touch of sparkle. Laura Nelkin is well-known for designing these fun-to-knit little projects introducing her students and fans to advanced techniques with her signature "You can do it!" enthusiasm. In her first book, she shares her 3 favorite types of knitting using wrapped stitches, lacework, and beads. Each chapter begins with a quick knitted cuff to lay the foundations, then gradually ramps up to more complicated designs. The result is an all-new collection of wearable, feminine knits with a slightly rustic aesthetic. Give them as gifts, stockpile for a chilly day, or dress up a casual outfit--these are knockout projects to enjoy knitting again and again.