Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Home Team: God's Game Plan for the Family by Clint Archer

I will begin my review of this book by Clint Archer by saying that it was one of the most interesting and applicable books I've read this year! It's not just another book about family. Using illustrations from the sports world, the author captures the reader's attention in a whole new way! I was engrossed in this 152-page paperback from the first page! I actually read the first half straight through, last Sunday afternoon. The second half was just as easy to read! Most importantly, the lessons and truths presented in this book published by Shepherd Press are wonderful and Biblical. There is enough for each of you, whether a father, mother, or child. I appreciated how the author also spoke to singles! No one is left out, because after all we each belong to that God-created institution, the family! I highly recommend this book for every family, no matter how big or small you may be, and no matter where you are in your Spiritual walk. I trust that God will use this book mightily in your life! 
Author Clint Archer focuses on many different areas important in the lives of families. He speaks of course about the Biblical basis for family. He talks about the God-given roles for men and women. He addresses parenting and many more subjects. All in all, I found this a very balanced perspective. Biblical but not presumptuous- Mr. Archer didn't press his views but instead spoke to the heart of the different, sometimes controversial matters. 
Read this book and pray through the chapters, alone or with your family and see what God can do if you are willing to follow His word!

More about the book...
Using illustrations and analogies from the world of sports, The Home Team by Clint Archer presents the Christian family as a team. He highlights the one-flesh union of husband and wife as the fundamental team for God’s design of society, the family, and marriage. Facing challenges together this cohesive team must not allow division to weaken their union. As children are added, Mom and Dad play their unique and essential roles to strengthen the expanding team. The family must close ranks on opponents to God’s design, tackle obstacles, and fortify the bonds in their huddle. In the unity and synergy of teamwork each player is uniquely positioned to advance the team’s objective. The goal is to give God glory, and enjoy the blessings and joy that come with obedience.
“Clint Archer sounds the Biblical call for the Christian family to pursue Christ as a team. Like an experienced coach, Archer directs each member of the family how to play his or her position according to the rule-book of Holy Scripture.”
-Dr. Joel R. Beeke – President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary