Monday, September 22, 2014

Review of Promises for God's Princesses

                                                   Promises for God's Princesses
Promises for God's Princesses
   Having younger sisters, I was looking forward to this book from Tyndale publishers! I read through the entire book quite quickly and was pleased at the absence of shallow content. Too often in books for young believers, Christian values and doctrines are so weak they hardly exist. This book has the perfect balance, I think. It presents important lessons and things for young girls to ponder, yet the page-long devotions will not go over their heads. I gave it to my 8-year old sister to read. It would be good for older girls as well, but some of the references are younger and best for...ages 7-10 I would say!
   Of course if your daughter (or younger sister!) isn't saved, be sure to carefully explain to her that although she is created in God's image, she is not His princess yet. Therefore, she shouldn't take for granted that every promise and assuring word is meant for her as an unredeemed little girl! Nevertheless, I would still recommend this book for all readers, no matter what their Spiritual state. This book could even be the means to draw your young reader to Christ!
Every chapter/devotion begins with a verse and the following text explains or draws from that Bible verse.
A very good book which would also be helpful in training little girls to continue doing daily devotions!

I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for my honest review.

This gift book for young girls is the perfect next step in the Tyndale princess line. As young girls grow and leave behind some of the fully illustrated picture books, they still want to feel special, and they still need to know they are loved as God’s daughters. This is the book to share with them. This devotional book is full of Scriptures about God’s love, protection, and promises. The book’s 100 devotions tie in the Scriptures to help young girls apply them to their lives. This diary-style book will attract the growing girl while still making her feel like a princess, a special child of God.