Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Starting at the Finish Line: The Gospel of Grace for Mormons by John B Wallace

Starting At The Finish Line

Starting at the Finish Line: the gospel of grace for Mormons by John B Wallace
“Christianity is the only religion (although I hate to use that word) that starts at the finish line. Salvation is guaranteed up front! And every bit of obedience and good work flows from that salvation as opposed to the LDS teaching, which is that obedience and good works are necessary for salvation.”

This book by former Mormon John Wallace is really wonderful. Coming from his background as an extremely religious Latter-Day Saint, he especially excels in expounding the gospel for Mormons. On the other hand I was able to benefit greatly from this well-written and Biblically-sound book. First, I thought this book provided a very good explanation of the beliefs of Mormonism. John Wallace writes bravely and passionately, yet the reader will find that he has love for his former people, just as the apostle Paul felt love and longing for his people the Jews to come to saving faith.
On page 97, he writes, “The fact is, you have never been righteous, and you never will be, not when held up to the standard of God’s righteousness. I know, tough love, but it’s true.''
    On a personal note, the author is so on fire with faith that most of the book was wonderful for me, raised in the Christian faith to read! The author shared so many convicting portions. I do recommend this book for any readers! I think re-reading a Biblically-sound explanation of the gospel is important for all believers.
Lastly, I did disagree with some points the author made concerning the doctrine of salvation. But nothing big enough to mar the remainder of my reading of the book.

About the author:
Dr. John Wallace was an active member of the LDS church for two decades but in the last twenty years has come to see the beauty of simply being a follower of Jesus Christ.  A practicing dentist in Southern California, John is also director of Singles Ministry at his home church, Calvary Chapel Westgrove.  Reaching out to transitioning Mormons remains the primary focus of his personal ministry.

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