Monday, January 19, 2015

The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition (10th Anniversary) by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition (10th Anniversary) by Gary Chapman
published 2014

The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition (10th Anniversary)2015 has barely begun, and I've already discovered number 2 of my top 15 reads of 2015! The first I will mention later, and needless to say, this book by Gary Chapman is the second! I love practical books like this; I read it in one afternoon. As in yesterday afternoon. :)
I will begin by saying that although I had heard glowing reports of ''the 5 love languages'', I hadn't really thought much on the subject and I certainly had never read any of Mr. Chapman's books. This is my introduction into the love languages and I am very interested!

  This particular version is the 10th anniversary of the single's edition of this popular theory. The author published it after realizing that many of the readers of his original book ''The 5 Love Languages'', intended for couples, were actually singles! With the knowledge that not only married couples, but every young person desiring to be married needs advice on relationships, they author prepared this version for singles.
To go further, the author also knows that it is most certainly not just eligible singles who would benefit from this book! The fact is: every individual person on the face of this earth has relationships with people around him. If we desire actual working relationships with people, we must know how to love them. I appreciated how this book would be appropriate not only for Christians, but for non-believers as well. I know that the foundational importance is salvation and the state of the soul. But I love how practical the author is in explaining how to understand how to love each human being around us. Although it would be best if the reader is saved, the practical information contained in the chapters of this book should benefit every living being created in the image of God!
Such a variety of relationships is covered in this paperback book. I highly recommend it for singles and even for couples if this is the only available copy!
The author is considerate in including a variety of singles in this chapter book: young people (and their roles as children, and friends), older unmarried people, single parents, divorced adults, widowed adults/parents...Mr. Chapman is quite thorough and wise as he considers each group of people. A good portion of the book also concentrates on singles who are in a dating/courting relationship which I appreciated since the author doesn't assume that all singles will stay single. ;)

It's hard to write a review about a book which is full of good and helpful truths! All I can say is, read it and let it change your relationships! This method, combined with the wonderful book Equipped to Love by Norm Wakefield and the useful brain typing method can change lives, save marriages and salvage many relationships!

I received The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition (10th Anniversary) by Gary Chapman from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you!