Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Name Quest: Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better by John Avery

The Name Quest by John Avery
Morgan James Publishing
328 pp.
Name Quest

This is a large paperback book exploring the names of God. With such a simple explanation, you would expect a basic book. But instead, the author brings the reader on an in-depth study of every name and title given to God throughout the Bible. I was impressed by the depth and value of this book. The author uses great care and detail and relies heavily on his knowledge of Hebrew to help the reader glimpse the greatness of God through His names and titles throughout the Bible. 
To be honest, it took me some time to gain motivation to read this book since it is so large, and initially appeared quite intense what with all the Hebrew words in the margins. However, as I began reading this book, I was drawn into the interesting chapters without much effort. I still admit it is a long book, but that isn't a bad thing! 
Secondly, the author does include many personal illustrations from his life which can be bad or good, depending on the reader. These stories and examples helped me get into the book, yet at the same time distracted me from remembering the point of each chapter. Nevertheless, I believe these examples will help most readers gain the point of each chapter. 
Lastly, I would have preferred more organization to the book. I found it hard to understand the structure the author had in mind when publishing the book. 
Again, I emphasize that this is an incredibly in-depth book! As the title in whole insinuates,  The Name Quest: Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better
goes further to draw readers to a deeper relationship with their Saviour! The author is evidently a passionate student of God's word who leaves no detail unmentioned. 
I recommend The Name Quest, but encourage you to be motivated to read it, because it isn't the casual reading style of book. It is great for the devoted, studious reader. 

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of The Name Quest through BookCrash.com