Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book review: Mercy's Rain by Cindy Sproles

Mercy's Rain: An Appalachian Novel by Cindy K. Sproles

Mercybookcoverfinal300 This is author Cindy Sproles debut novel, and I must say...I am amazed by it!
Not many Christian novels makes me search my own heart. Not often does Christian fiction leave me in tears. Mercy's Rain is a different kind of Christian fiction. It is a life-changing, healing book. With unusual insight and feeling, the author of this book brings not only the heroine but the reader through a journey of healing and forgiveness.    By God's grace, this book will be a powerful tool to those who are grieving, broken and lost. From personal experience, I know it can also help break down a stony heart.
With a heart of thanks, I will mention that I have never been through a terribly abusive relationship. The girl in this story, Mercy Roller grew up in one of the most horrible situations imaginable. My heart grieved for her, and I struggled with her as throughout the book she attempts to reach a point of mercy and forgiveness. I loved how this story developed. From the depths of sin, to the plains of light, He lifted me. That is the hymn which comes to mind. This poor, physically and sexually abused girl who despises her name because it sounds like a joke in comparison with the world surrounding her slowly begins to learn what true mercy and grace and love is.
   This story of salvation is masterfully wrought, as are the characters. I think Cindy Sproles did an outstanding job with the man who helps bring Mercy to grace. Ironically and important to the story, this young man is also a preacher which initially causes Mercy much consternation given that her father was a false professor and a wolf in sheep's clothing. However, over time she has to admit that this preacher is entirely different. He has love, compassion and patience. A true gentleman with the love of Christ in his heart, this young preacher helps Mercy break through the walls of bitterness surrounding her battered heart.

   I especially recommend this book for women who have experienced abuse. Likewise, I would insert a warning to other readers, especially those who are soft-hearted...this book is graphic and cuts to the heart. It was good for me since I tend to be hard-hearted and selfish. But there are many abusive situations described in detail which caused even me to shed tears. This is truly a life-changing book.

Mercy Roller was raised by a twisted father who wore the collar of a Pastor and chose to be Jesus, judge, and jury by his own appointment. Abused, broken, and bitter Mercy lifts the hand that takes the Pastor’s life. In one swift action she becomes what she despises most about the Pastor. Now she seeks redemption. Can the unconditional love of a mountain preacher and his friends, guide Mercy to find peace?