Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace by Dave Burchett

Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and GraceStay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace

Dog lovers, here is a book that will really speak to you! 
Stay, by Dave Burchett is full of ''amazing (furry)'' lessons from a dog's life. Or rather, lessons a dog owner can glean from watching his furry friend. 
My dear little ''Paisley pup''
She was hit by a car in 2013
Having experienced the friendship of a dog- my favorite ever!-  in the past, I was able to relate to most of the incidents within the chapters of this delightful book. 
   The author really does love his dogs and what I love about him is that he does learn from various everyday occurrences. He is open to God showing him the smallest of lessons, in the humblest of ways. Not every man is willing to take lessons from his dog! 
   Although I am not an all-out dog lover, I am fond of animals and loved my little Paisley pup who died a couple of years ago. I do heartily agree that dogs have this undying loyalty and affection which humans would do well to emulate. ;)
I remember Paisley, my little terrier would faithfully follow me whenever we arrived home from church (the rare day that I was absent from the home) and patiently wait, crouched in front of my locked door. When I (sometimes after a long while, depending on the state of my wardrobe) opened the door, she would adoringly shower me with kisses and roll over in submission. Our current dogs have the same loyalty although will less patience and adoration. I love how dogs will continue to seek out those they love, not abashed by previous scoldings or cold shoulders. I agree with the author of Stay that humans would find relationships easier if they approached friends with as much optimism and love.
  It may annoy some readers that the author of this book learnt so many deep lessons from being with his pets, but I thought it was good of him to be open to the Lord's teaching in his life. This isn't the deepest or most theological book obviously, but it is full of good thoughts and will please any animal lover!
   Dave Burchett has organized the book into different chapters such as ''unconditional love'', ''live in the moment'', and like subjects. The book is easy to comprehend and keeps the reader's interest throughout the chapters.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

Our Triska and Scampy

 Amazing (Furry) Lessons from a Dog's Life
You'll be enthralled by this story of a man and his lovable Labrador retriever, Hannah, and what their canine friendship can show us about life, grace, and long walks in the park.Hannah was Dave's best friend. He couldn't imagine starting a day without her tail wagging an energetic greeting, her body wiggling with sheer gratitude when her food dish was filled, and her unbridled enthusiasm for tennis balls. (How she fit three tennis balls in her mouth at once he'll never know.)So when Dave first learned of Hannah's cancer diagnosis, he decided to take whatever time he had left with Hannah to cherish the moments and capture his thoughts in a journal. As he wrote about his canine friend, he soon realized that Hannah was an able (and furry) mentor of faith, grace, kindness, and forgiveness. The lessons were invaluable: from "being present" to "trusting the master." When Hannah lived well past the expected time frame, Dave started to see that the insights he was gaining were more than just journal entries about a family pet. Through Hannah's antics, God was preparing Dave for life itself.You won't want to miss this heartwarming tale of a dog who knew how to live . . . and showed her owner how